A father waits in Glasgow's Central Station for his daughter, coming home from London for Christmas. When the last train has pulled in, and she doesn't get off it, he makes a desperate overnight dash to find out why. His search for her takes over his life, costing him his job and, as he withdraws from home, family and friends, he finds himself alone, despairing of ever seeing her again.

Alan Jones is a hidden Scottish talent and deserves to be discovered.

Sharon Bairden, ChapterInMyLife

‘Emotional, gripping and powerful. A truly brilliant novel and one I highly recommend.’

Sarah Hardy, Bytheletterbookreviews

Alan Jones has written a human-interest masterpiece in “Bloq.”

Tammy Dewhirst, RabidReadersReviews

For me, Alan Jones has an incredilbe way of drawing you into his books right from the outset, he then throws you around for a bit and then spits you out at the end and I love every minute of it.

Neats Wilson, The Haphazardous Hippo

Gritty, gripping and compelling, I can't recommend this book enough. It is by far one of the best books I have ever read and I'll be making Alan Jones my 'go to' author in future.

Caroline at LazySundayBookReviews  

The writing, the pace, the characters and the story line were all spot on - I grieved with the main character, championed his fight for the truth and prayed that he would triumph against the evil, evil men who had ruined his daughter's life. I was so completely taken up with this story that I'm sure I forgot to breathe at times!

5* Helen Boyce,TBC

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